Invited Speakers

Daniel Alvarez - IMPA
Double Lie groupoids and their applications to integrability problems

Alejandro Cabrera - UFRJ
Quantization and groupoids revisited

Thiago Drummond - UFRJ
Differential forms with values in VB-groupoids

Pedro Frejlich - UFRGS
Morita invariance of intrinsic characteristic classes of Lie algebroids

Matias del Hoyo - UFF
Examples of maps of 2-stacks

Alessia Mandini - PUC Rio
On moduli space of polygons in R^3

Mateus de Melo - IMPA
Riemannian Groupoids and Geodesics

Cristian Ortiz - IME USP
Shifted symplectic structures on differentiable stacks

Pier Paolo la Pastina - Università di Roma
Deformations of VB-algebroids

Alexandre Quesney - ICMC USP
Skein algebras and non-abelianization

Pedro Rios - ICMC USP
A groupoid approach to star-exponentials of the quadratic form in one complex variable

Fábio Ferrari Ruffino - UFSCar
Twisted differential K-characters and D-branes

Jonas Schnitzer - Università di Salermo
Generalized Contact Bundles

Dirk Toben - UFSCar
Rigidity and Vanishing of Basic Dolbeault Cohomology of Sasakian Manifolds